Julius Gaigalas

Julius is an accomplished CFO with over a decade of experience in the transportation industry. His strategic thinking and passion for driving growth and efficiency have been key to the financial success of Rever Trans. He has an impressive track record of managing budgets and resources effectively and is dedicated to helping the company achieve its goals and thrive in a competitive market. In his current role, Julius oversees all financial operations, including accounting, tax, and reporting. He is committed to delivering exceptional customer value and ensuring the company's success. Julius enjoys tinkering with cars and other engineering projects in his free time.


Our Promise to the new clients

At Rever Trans, we understand that our customers have many options when it comes to transportation services. We are thrilled that you have chosen us as your partner, and we want to thank you for your loyalty and trust. We promise to always provide reliable, high-quality service that meets your unique needs. Our team of experienced, professional drivers are dedicated to ensuring that your cargo arrives safely and on time. We understand that there are many other companies to choose from, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for choosing Rever Trans.

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